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    All your remote alcohol monitoring needs in one platform.

  • What is SOBRDRIVE?

    The World's First Bluetooth In-Vehicle Voluntary Alcohol Detection Platform - After your last drink shouldn't be the first time you think about impaired driving. Think ahead with SobrDrive™.


    A voluntary product offering with expanding usage in the parental market, SOBRDrive™ is the solution many seek to be safe, responsible citizens Voluntarily. Utilizing our patented technology, the SOBRDrive™ Platform allows users the choice to be accountable. SOBRDrive™ combines accurate fuel cell breathalyzer technology with a mobile phone app that connects and controls vehicle starting/operating capabilities.

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  • What is CheckBAC?

    CheckBAC™ is a patented solution that finally bridges the gap between testing and accountability – Allowing easy and effective monitoring and management of hundreds or even thousands of individuals. We have combined industry-accepted, accurate fuel cell technology, a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app, and an easy-to-use management platform. With its Bluetooth® technology, CheckBAC™ gives you the power to test and monitor individuals – anywhere, anytime – and instantly see their results. When CheckBAC™ is combined with our patented vehicle control device, it too can connect and control vehicle starting/operating capabilities. The best part is that CheckBAC™ costs up to 80% less than other systems, making it the Perfect Platform to make our roads a safer place to drive.

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  • Want To Stop Impaired Driving In Your Workplace? 

    Impaired driving is a primary concern facing commercial and fleet companies. To meet these challenges, DBS provides tools to help you increase accountability on the part of your employees. Our system can help lower your insurance cost by mitigating the risk of drunk driving in your vehicles. The return on investment for CheckBAC is proven and in use today.

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